Window Tinting In Northern Suburbs Melbourne

There are many benefits of window tinting. A professional car window tinting not just improves the look and feel of your car, but it also reduces heat and blocks harmful UV rays; providing better protection for you and your family.

At Refined Car Detailing we offer our customers in Northern Suburbs Melbourne, a wide range of quality window tint films. It does not matter if your car is old or new. We provide quality services. Even the make and model of your car doesn’t matter. You can come to us with a small car, sedan, van or a SUV, our team has the experience to get the job done. Even if you want to have your old tint replaced, we have no problems. We have the right tools and expertise to remove and replace any and all tints.

What are the Benefits of Car Window Tinting?

There are many advantages of applying a high quality car tint to you vehicle. Let us list out a few of them

  • A good car tint reduces the heat in your car drastically.
  • Increases yours and your family’s safety, security and protects their health.
  • It blocks harmful UV rays by 99%. This help you avoid skin damage
  • Window tints cuts down glares. This reduces the strain on your eyes during long drives, especially at night.
  • It protects the interiors of your car from issues of colour fading.
  • Significantly enhances your car’s appearance.

Refined Car Detailing provides a range of Car Tinting packages for

  • Small cars/Hatch backs/2 door cars
  • Small/Medium/Large Sedans
  • Medium/Large SUVs

Refined Car Detailing also provides mobile window tinting services. We deliver our quality tinting services to your doorstep. Get in touch with our offices and find out which cars and brands we provide mobile window tinting for.

Tinting Laws in Victoria

Australia has laws on the acceptable amount of tinting that a car can have. Though the rules are almost the same for most states, there are some subtle differences. Here’s what the law says about tinting and VLT (visible light transmission) in Victoria-

  • For Windscreens: The minimum VLT is 35%. Tints can be applied to 10% of the upper part of the front windscreen and it cannot be more than 65mm in width and cannot extend into the range of the wipers.
  • For Front Side Windows: The minimum legal VLT of the front side windows is 35%. This VLT is the same across all states.
  • For Rear Side Windows: The minimum VLT for the rear side windows is also 35%. But do note that there is a difference in percentage in other states.
  • For Rear Window: The minimum VLT for the rear window is 20%, but again, there is a difference in percentage in comparison to other states

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